About this madness

This is a comic.
This is a stick-figure webcomic with a lot of hams.

But that's the funny thing... would it not be easier the read the whatmabobber and decide for yourself what it seems to be than to trust some random person's explanation of the wholly self-evident matter? I am undoubtedly jaded in my description, considering as that this is my webcomic... and that I find it rather appalling, frankly. Really, it is nothing more than a pile of bad ideas styled after another webcomic with which many of us are familiar, xkcd... but as xkcd started out as a guy posting old pages from his books, this... this should not have started at all.

I was supposed to be working on Character Sheet... hells, this *was* Character Sheet, initially. I cannot draw worth squat and thus tried using stick figures to get a just of the poses... then I started turning them into this. Called it 'House of Randoms' because all it really was was random shots from Character Sheet.
Now it's called 'Fanged Fondue'. Of course it is.

Well, the Madness could tell you... it won't stay named this, either.

It shouldn't stay in existence. It certainly shouldn't have commenced its existence in the first place, abysmal as it is.

But... eh.

About the Author

REDACTED is a spiteful nuthead who has previously described herself as a lady of too many masks. She also likes writing about herself in the third person, and would stop now except for the fact that she has run out of stuff to say, anyhow.

She's really not that interesting.

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