Characters watch in silence.

This is the rabbit hole.

mask@gardenofremembering:~$> ls


mask@gardenofremembering:~$> help

This is the garden.

We changed the name when the world ended. No need to remind us of what we lost, right? So we changed it. We used the patterns already established to obfuscate the illicit, and we obfuscated the licit. We changed the name and we forgot. The contents moved.
They no longer tied to that which was lost.

But that could mean almost anything. Even now we obfuscate. We mention nothing specific. No great wars, no circular hypertext, no libraries, no anglers, no scary sisters plotting in their corners. There of course was no series of dreamers, no random phrases applied to just as random pretties. No, these nightmares were perfectly planned, flawlessly meaningful, arranged impeccably by date.

There is no recollection here.

Do not enter the garden.

mask@gardenofremembering:~$> wtf

It is said that the internet is forever.

This is not true. Things get lost, times change, people forget.

mask@gardenofremembering:~$> _

Why the fuck do people always remind you that Taco Bell isn't real Mexican food? Do you not think that I know that? Do you think I go to Taco Bell because I think the 16 year old white guy behind the window just made me authentic Mexican cuisine two minutes before I pulled to the second window? No, do you know why I go to taco bell? It's because it's 1:30AM and my life is terrible so I order a coke and five dorito loco tacos and shove them down my face in the parking lot.