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Blah blah blah Sarathi. Call it what you will, A Dose of Sanity, Character Sheet, Sarathi de... never was any good with names. It's just a comic that never happened. A good idea that didn't hold up to reality, a story that got lost in the wind.

These are the pieces that remain.

Pages[edit source]

This is where it all fell apart, really - the actually making the comic. These are the only four pages that exist. Numbers are estimated to give a relative idea where they fall in the script, though that too is incomplete.

Characters[edit source]

Setting[edit source]

The settings of Sarathi de are parallel to that of the Song, but though they may sometimes reference similar events, the universes are very different. Sometimes. It could perhaps be said that though Fern of Sarathi de and Rahah of the Song are simply versions of the same person which went their different ways due to the influences of where they wound up. That might even be correct.

There are two worlds - the main world, which we will recognise as very much like our own, and another, a game world, which... is not, though it too has its overlaps.

Pantheon[edit source]

The game world has an elaborate pantheon, much more structured than our own, but at times all the more interesting for it. Some we may know from their names, as daemonic kitties as well as other characters whose impact has shaped the worlds. Others are distinct to the 'verse.

Fern attempted to put it to a table following D&D expectations, but though she got down the names and basic details she didn't get much further.

Chapter titles[edit source]

These were not, despite their appearance, intended to be meaningfully descriptive in any way.

  • Avocados of the Unfettered Mind
  • Supergluing the God to the Floor
  • The Size of the State of the Union
  • Underhanded Woes of Nonsequences
  • Rampage of the Vampiric Ham
  • To Quiet a Wall of Screaming Souls
  • Exercising One's Daemons
  • One Breadstick to End it All

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