is this the Madness?

Query the madlist.

Query the madlist.

The thing itself, size of the state of Nebraska...

Or perhaps not.

It changes every time. Reload if you choose to disbelieve... or if you deign to believe.

The Madness is a list, nothing more. Line upon line of quote, misquote, reference and revision, saying and phrase, meandering minds, wandering hearts, lost souls, misplaced sentence and irony and paradox and juxtaposition and dream and madness. It is random, senseless as could be, but what is sense but an illusion of order at the best of times; a delusion of a dream at the worst? Or visa versa, if you prefer.

Sometimes, it throws out a pair as sensible as the whole is senseless.

As the Madness says, "Anything you say or do may be added to the list." So be careful.
I claim fair use.

Query the madlist.

A few notables

Sources may include, but are certainly not limitted to:
If you find yourself thinking, 'that is not true', good. If you are greeted by a line with which you agree wholeheartedly, glorious. If you come accross a fragment that stirs a memory, impressive. If you encounter a phrase to which your only response is, 'No!'
Then you have already won.

Not that this is a game.